AIRGO Excursion Rollator

Airgo® eXcursion Rollators

Regular Models: Airgo eXcursion X20
Pearl Black,
Pacific Blue, Cranberry, Lime
, or Red Rocket
Weighs 20% less than the competition while still providing peace of mind with industry leading stability. Fits into the trunk so you can take it anywhere!

Extra-light model: Airgo eXcursion6 X20
Pacific Blue, 6 inch wheels,
is only 13.5 lb while still supporting up to 300 lb.

Hemi models: Airgo eXcursion X18
Pearl Black or Cranberry
For those who need a lower seat.

Tall model (seat at 23″ height): Airgo eXcursion X23
Airgo eXcursion X23, Pacific Blue
Helps getting up from a seated position easier.

XWD Extra-Wide models: Airgo eXcursion XWD
Pearl Black or Pacific Blue
The ONLY 400 lb capacity XWD Side-Fold Rollator!

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